Air Ambulance

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Rapid response, and we handle every detail.

Jet911 operates its critical air ambulances with some of the shortest call-up times in the industry. At Jet911, we understand that emergency transports can be both emotionally and logistically overwhelming. We manage every detail by not only prioritizing proactive, efficient medical management, but also recognizing the most important ingredient to guiding your family through this process: empathy.

Jet911’s emergency medical flights are Intensive Care Units in the sky.

Our chartered emergency medical flights are mobile mini intensive care units capable of providing critical care services and a multitude of highly technical, life-saving functions during transport. We match our qualified team with your medical emergency, and work with a range of specialists who are ready at a moment’s notice to join your loved one on his journey:

  • Emergency medicine-trained physicians
  • Gynecologists specializing in high risk pregnancy and birth
  • Paramedics, nurses and medics
  • Neonatal nurses and pediatricians
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Oncologists

After collaborating with the patient’s doctors, we dispatch our qualified specialists to begin the transport process. Our team arrives with appropriate specialty equipment, and accompanies your loved one from bed to bed. And partner with your family, keeping everyone informed every step of the way.

When you are faced with an immediate relocation of an ill or injured family member, Jet911 is your one call to make. We’ll take care of your loved ones like our own. Call 844-Jet-9111.